so dean was at lisa’s for a year right?

my headcanon is that ben nervously walked up to dean on fathers day, hand clenched, and told him shyly ‘this is the first time i’ve had a dad on fathers day, so i got you this’

and then ben hands him this necklace and runs off

when dean looks at it, he has to lean back against the wall and suck in a breath, because the necklace is exactly the same as the one that sam had given to him when they were kids - exactly the same as the one that he had thrown into the trash can months before.

ben watches from the doorway and he feels like he’s done something wrong, because dean’s got tears in his eyes and tucks the necklace into his pocket without putting it on.

so he runs away and doesn’t tell dean that he’d gotten the necklace for free, from a strange man in a tan trenchcoat

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