the queen may be evil, but i’m wicked. and wicked always wins.

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Fangirl Challenge | [5/5] Pilots: Once Upon a Time

 The Queen has created a powerful curse… and it’s coming. Soon you’ll all be in a prison, just like me, only worse. Your prison, all of our prisons, will be time. The time will stop and we will be trapped. Someplace horrible, where everything we hold dear, everything we love, will be ripped from us while we suffer for all eternity, while the Queen celebrates, victorious at last! No more happy endings.

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"Have faith, that’s easy to say when you have magic wings and a wand!

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nikitasmears asked ladies + scenerygasm

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Fangirl challenge
[10] Tv shows Once Upon A Time

People are going to tell you who you are your whole life, but you’ve just got to punch back and say, “No, this is who I am.” If you want people to look at you differently, make them. If you want to change things you are going to have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world

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"Happy endings aren’t always what we think they’ll be." -Once Upon A Time 3A

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When the curse washes over us, it will send us all back. Nothing will be left behind… including your memories. It’s just what the curse does. Storybrooke will no longer exist. It won’t ever have existed. So these last years, will be gone from both your memories. Now we just go back to being stories again.

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This is my kingdom and I will fight for it.

"That look in his eyes, the despair ..I had it back when I was in the foster system. Just a lost little girl, who didn’t matter and didn’t think she ever would. A little girl who cried herself to sleep at night because she wanted her parents so bad and could never understand why they gave her up.”

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Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.

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I am a blank paper on which you and your magic wrote a girl. Just the kind of girl you wanted, all hungry and hurt and needing. A machine for loving you. Nothing in me was not made by you.
      deathless, catherynne m. valente

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