Track Title: Demons

Artist: Imagine Dragons

Album: Continued Silence - EP
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Track Title: Breathe Again

Artist: Sara Bareilles

Album: Kaleidoscope Heart
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Track Title: Not in Nottingham (cover from the disney movie Robin Hood)

Artist: Mumford and Sons


Mumford and Sons—Not in Nottingham (cover from the disney movie Robin Hood)

Track Title: Toxic (originally by Britney Spears)

Artist: Melanie Martinez


001. Toxic | Melanie Martinez

I took a sip from a devil’s cup
It’s taking over me 

Track Title: Somewhere Only we Know

Artist: Lily Allen

Lily Allen - Somewhere Only we Know. (cover) [x]

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Track Title: Instant Crush

Artist: Daft Punk

Album: Random Access Memories
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Track Title: Brave

Artist: Sara Bareilles

Album: The Blessed Unrest
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Track Title: Mardy Bum

Artist: Arctic Monkeys

Album: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not


Mardy Bum | Arctic Monkeys

Track Title: Bulletproof

Artist: La Roux

Album: La Roux


Bulletproof | La Roux

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Artist: The Naked and Famous


The slow version of Young Blood by The Naked and Famous is so much prettier than the radio version. Listen to this asap.

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Track Title: Daft Punk

Artist: Pentatonix

Album: PTX, Vol. 2

Daft Punk - Pentatonix 

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Track Title: Mr. Brightside

Artist: The Killers

Album: Hot Fuss

I’m comin’ out of my cage and I’ve been doing just fine

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Track Title: Counting Stars

Artist: OneRepublic

OneRepublic - Counting Stars

Track Title: Teen Wolf 3x11 Score : Final Sacrifice [HD]

Album: Season 3A Score

Finally, an official version of the song from the sad scenes that everybody is obsessed with.