I have been advised to postpone the hunt in light of of Hurricane Sandy which is pummeling the East Coast of the US. But GISHWHES is an unstoppable force. We’re not some flimsy, weak operation like the New York Stock Exchange or the public transit systems on the East Coast. However, we are modifying the Hunt slightly to make sure that participants affected by the storm are safe and aren’t at a disadvantage.

We’re still starting on time - when the countdown clock runs down - but we’re adding some “Hurricane” items that will give those that might soon be living by candlelight a way to participate in the Hunt and help their team get to Scotland. We also are taking into account any potential power outages: if there are extensive prolonged power outages we will be extending the deadline for specific “Hurricane” items… or all items, depending on the outages. I hope these Hurricane items might provide some fun, entertainment and perhaps even comfort during what I am sure is a challenging time for those hunkered down to wait out the Hurricane.

More important than all of this is your safety. If your local officials have told you to remain indoors, DON’T leave your residence. I forbid it. If I find out you did otherwise, you will be disqualified. And even if you are allowed to leave your residence, be smart about it: if it doesn’t look safe, DON’T go outside. Let’s all work together to keep our friends and teammates on the East Coast safe and dry. Despite what they keep saying, I like you and want you to stay my friend.

The world (and I!) need all of you around to keep disrupting Normalcy. We’re doing a pretty good job of it.

On behalf of all of your fellow Gishwheshean’s, we wish you and your loved ones a safe journey through the storm.

Please spread the word regarding this announcement.

Be safe and have fun!


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