when I find a fic that looks good but then: Cass

I have to copy the entire fic and paste it on Word so I can replace “Cass” with “Cas” and only then I’ll be able to read it

okay so maybe I shouldwatch the avengers?

Misha answers some fan questions [x]
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About 7x13 - The Slice Girls - [x]
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"The Leviathan is strikingly similar to your onstage personality" #ChiCon
  • "When I was trying to play the most maniacal, evil character possible…I’m glad it came across as just me." #ChiCon
  • "I played Castiel for so long it was nice to let it go and just be myself for a few minutes"  #ChiCon
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what if this season is well written and has no plot holes or inconsistencies in how characters behave



what if the entire city of new york spontaneously turns into gelatin

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