"So I ended up in an airport and it was a Wifi lounge so I did the Skype thing and as soon as he came on, I mean - I’m almost crying just thinking about it - and there I was just sitting there ‘wahhhhh’ on the internet and it’s, like, Heathrow, so it’s very, like, multinational, people there from Japan - and there I am, just, like, this giant Texas guy (mimes tears rolling down his face) ‘wahhh’! And they must have thought I was watching Marley and Me or something. I mean, just unabashedly crying. At first I was all trying to keep it in and then I was like ‘ahh, hell with it - I can beat all these guys up!’ So I just ‘wahhhh’."

— Jared Padalecki, on having to leave his 1-month-old son, Thomas, for work [x] (via holdmesam)
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