A DOUBLE CONGRATULATIONS TO JOSH & GINNY! the recently engaged couple has officially announced they are expecting their first child!  (x)

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new stills from the maze runner

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Holland Roden interview with Collider.com

With Jackson being out of the picture, who is Lydia spending her time with?

RODEN:  Lydia does have a new love interest.  It’s not the same kind of love interest.  Jackson was definitely the love of her life.  So, her new love interest, honestly, is her friends.  That’s who she’s spending her time with.  She’s very good friends with Stiles, this season.  Her and Stiles form a genuine friendship, and they’re definitely partners-in-crime together, throughout the season.  She spends a lot of time with Allison and Stiles.  It’s the three of them now.  It’s this little trio, trying to save the werewolf world. 


cockles sincon 2013

cockles sincon 2013

Some good Misha things:


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