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Dylan O’Brien,  Ian Bohen, J.R. Bourne and  Tyler Hoechlin at MTV Movie Awards 2014

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Crystal Reed + Dylan O’Brien  

He’s so funny and talented.”

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everyone. the answer is everyone. [x]

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@dylanobrien “@Mets: Fans of @dylanobrien, we hear you… #dylanfirstpitch. Dylan, DM us, let’s talk. #LGM #powerortwitter” uhhhh holy WHAT?! [x]

@Mets: .@dylanobrien we’d love to have you come visit #CitiField to throw out a 1st pitch. You have some loyal and passionate fans #DylanFirstPitch [x]

What’s your favorite part about playing void!Stiles? The makeup.
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coltonlhaynesFinally found this! Teen Wolf season 1 Cast goes rock climbin…Holland breaks her neck…only Crystal helps her. So glad I could share this with y’all. So many amazing memories/Incredible ppl

From Direction to Screen 
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"We’ll have a movie night where we sit on the couch and wrap blankets around ourselves and watch movies, or we’ll go out to dinner, or we’ll cook. I’ll make a bunch of food, and because I live in the same building as Tyler H. and Tyler P. and Dylan, I’ll take it over and we’ll all have dinner together. It’s so much fun!" - Crystal Reed (Seventeen, 2011)

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