“Something’s coming. Something bad.”

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I just want my brother back.

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countdown to camlann: fourteen photos

countdown to camlann: fourteen photos

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"When I was younger, I looked like a girl, and I was making out with my girlfriend, later my wife, in a Station Wagon. And, uh, some drunk hicks - where were we? We were in West Virginia, and these guys were like, really, like down-home country boys, and started bangin’ on the glass goin’, “Look! There’s two lesbos makin’ out!”"

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It’s you. It’s all you. You know everyday, I saw her lying in that hospital slowly dying. I thought, how the hell am I supposed to raise this stupid kid on my own? This hyperactive little bastard who keeps ruining my life? It’s all you. It’s you Stiles.
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This is the second time Rogue is saying they are having trouble finding my payment. First it was for my ticket, now for my Misha photo op.. my first experience with Rogue is going great so far!