Full video of Milly asking Pellegrino a question at A8 (watch in HD)

Milly, Doug standing behind you reminds me so much of this laksjdklasjd

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probably my favourite photo of the entire weekend


probably my favourite photo of the entire weekend

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when I showed my Misha photo op to my mom she actually stared at it for a few seconds and said “wouldn’t be nice to have a man like him” and then she took my photo to show to my aunt, all proud like “look at my daughter standing next to a hot actor” lmao

I seriously love how she hates seeing me spending so much money with these conventions but then she gets so proud when I tell her my Misha stories klasjdksajdlj


Kim Rhodes at Asylum 8; Source (x)

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footstepsoftheelephant said:

Hey. :) I liked your autograph story. But what happened, why did someone want to take legal action against Misha in Portugal?

Since I’m getting a lot of messages like this, I’m gonna publish this one with the links. I’ve explained everything here.

You can also read Julie Caitlin Brown’s statement about it here. She explains pretty much everything that happened.

Misha’s autograph

aw man I just love Misha’s autographs.. the guy is sitting there for like 4 hours, signing and meeting like 564168 people and he’s still the most adorable person ever.

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can someone please explain to me why every spn actor looks exactly the same in person but Misha looks 100 times more attractive… or is it just me? lol



okay i a really fucking tired rn so i’ll just tell you my most favourite part of the coffee lounge

Someone asked if it was hard for him to leave West because he travels a lot and works away and he said that it was really hard. When he is filming for a week or more in Vancouver then Vicki and West come with him but if not they stay at home in LA.

And he said that now West is kinda starting to understand that he is leaving for a while and he gets upset. But he doesn’t cry or anything he just like gives Misha the cold shoulder and gets all haughty and ignores him

When he landed here in Heathrow he’d been to Greece with Vicki and West to Greece and then they took a flight back home and he carried on up to Birmingham. And when he was in the taxi away and said “Okay Daddy’s got to go to work now” and West like was just turning away and ignoring him

Like he said when friends come over that he hasn’t seen in weeks he gets really excited and goes to show them his toys and stuff but when Misha comes home he just like ignores him 

and omg it was so sad and ;_; 

I was like sinking deeper and deeper into my chair at this point because tears were starting to form in my eyes.

Jim and Misha kissing Kim [x]


As much as I LOVED this weekend, it’s so good to be back in my room with my cats lkasjdklasjd A8 was amazing. Rogue sucks ass in terms of organization (I knew they were bad, but I didn’t know they were THAT bad) but the guests were amazing! It actually feels like this con lasted a week! It’s so freaking weird… on the second day (Saturday) we kept thinking it was the last day, and by Sunday, it felt like Friday was ages ago lol

It was just so good though klasjdlsjad I LOVED MEETING EVERYONE AND I MISS YOU ALL ALREADY!

and omfg how good was the season finale?? I don’t have the words to tell you how excited I am to season 8. Seriously. I just… can’t!

Karaoke was so awesome. I love this cast so muhhuuhuch


Season finale in a few hours and then up at 6am.. Gonna sleep just a couple of hours. Again. Oh supernatural, the things I do for you