has anyone ever watched Premonition?

such a depressing movie omg why would you even make an ending like that

I regret watching it soo much


  1. advicetomynerves said: watch the bloopers!!
  2. serendipitous-- said: Ugh, that movie!
  3. rithe said: I remember that movie. It was so messed up. Ugh. And depressing. No thanks.
  4. sherokutakari said: Watch the outtakes. It’ll make everything better. Sandra starts throwing her husbands head around the road and it’s great. xD
  5. kaitoakenshield said: Ugh I know that movie is so depressing it’s horrible.
  6. jolieing said: Yeah, i did. I believe i enjoyed it, but have no idea how it ended. Maybe i need a re-watch.
  7. onelovelykat said: I feel your pain. x.x
  8. misha-collins said: yes! but i completely forget how it ended
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