New image of Katie McGrath


New image of Katie McGrath

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There’s always hope.

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We can’t agree on anything! - Tyler Hoechlin

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Coup de foudre.

Coup de foudre.

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What’s your favorite part about playing void!Stiles? The makeup.
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Teen Wolf » Insatiable (3x23)

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"If fame happens, so be it, but that’s not ever something that is driving me."

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Fangirl Challenge [1/10 tv shows] Lost
"We’re not the only people on this island, and we all know it!"

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coltonlhaynesFinally found this! Teen Wolf season 1 Cast goes rock climbin…Holland breaks her neck…only Crystal helps her. So glad I could share this with y’all. So many amazing memories/Incredible ppl

Emilia Clarke for Glamour France (April 2014) [x]

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"We are with each other 12 to 16 hours a day, and then we go home, and then on the weekends we all hang out some more. And we never get sick of each other. Ever. I’m slightly spoiled because I know that’s not how it is on every set. Well, I hope that’s how it is on every set—or that Teen Wolf goes on forever! Our cast is so honest with each other. There’s no drama. There’s no judgment. We just click. It’s like a family. And we are free and open and we burp and we share bodily functions." (Crystal Reed about the Teen Wolf season 1 cast)

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