The sharp knife of a short life, oh well
I’ve had just enough time

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Are you with me ? Yeah.

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I will return. Find you, love you, marry you and live without shame

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"You don’t need the instructions. When was the last time you’ve ever used instructions, am I right? You don’t need them because you are too smart to waste your time with them, okay? You can figure it out. Stiles, you’re always the one who figures it out.

"You’ve been right every time something like this has happened, okay? So don’t start doubting yourself now. (…) Barrow was there, all right? You knew it, you felt it. And look, if you wanted to, I’d go back to that school right now and search all night just to prove it.
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Holland Roden for Line Magazine

Holland Roden for Line Magazine

Fangirl Challenge | [5/5] Pilots: Once Upon a Time

 The Queen has created a powerful curse… and it’s coming. Soon you’ll all be in a prison, just like me, only worse. Your prison, all of our prisons, will be time. The time will stop and we will be trapped. Someplace horrible, where everything we hold dear, everything we love, will be ripped from us while we suffer for all eternity, while the Queen celebrates, victorious at last! No more happy endings.

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Emma Watson for Elle Magazine (2014)

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"I don’t really feel like I’ve made it — I feel like I’m just a silly girl from Detroit that’s on a TV show. But there was a moment last summer at Comic-Con where I was taken aback. It was the first time we had to have security because there were masses and masses of fans, and that could be a security threat. I had a slight feeling like if they just reached me, things could get out of hand. That whole crazy fandom is insane." 

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Hallucinations. Impulsivity. Irritable. Acute Onset Insomnia.

Hallucinations. Impulsivity. Irritable. Acute Onset Insomnia.

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"y o u  are my new best friend.”

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i’m hearing voices all the time and they’re not mine
i’m hearing voices and they’re haunting my mind

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