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"I’m not interested in fame at all. I don’t care if people know who I am or if I make a ton of money, I just love my work so much."

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Natalie Dormer will officially attend Comic Con Portugal on December 6th

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@arden_cho Crystal is such a talented beauty!! Love her!

@arden_cho Crystal is such a talented beauty!! Love her!

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Oh, look at that face! So nice to squeeze it again.

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Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue (september 2014)

Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue (september 2014)

I know people think that acting is not quite the occupation of grown-ups, but it is actually the ultimate learning process: You get a multitude of experiences, all for the price of one life.

Is that you could be great… if you could just be a normal person for two seconds.

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I had to overcome many things, many people telling me no. If you want it, and you believe in it, you have to do it. And I know it’s silly, and I know I’m kind of irrationally optimistic, but you have to be and you can’t really have another plan, because you’re going to fall back on it.

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Favorite Lauren Cohan Photos. (x)

Favorite Lauren Cohan Photos. (x)

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Teen Wolf » Perishable (4x09)

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Dylan O’brien at Meet The Filmmakers: “The Maze Runner” at The Apple Store [London]
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